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The Simcoe County Food Council uses a governance model that is action-oriented. The Constellation Model for Collaboration arose out of the need to help multiple organizations work collaboratively, and to support the collaboration without having to create a new organization to direct how the work should be undertaken.

The core components of this model are:

  • A Magnetic Attractor: An overarching theme, issue or idea that makes the network a necessity.

  • A Stewardship Group: A coordinating body that sets the strategic direction and supports the development of a shared and coordinated vision, purpose and voice.

  • Constellations (working tables): Dynamic, emergent groups that work toward a defined issue. 

  • Secretariat: An independent role or organization that maintains and promotes the constellation

The main principles of this model are:

  • A clear reason for collaboration exists.

  • Collaborative work satisfies the individual needs of participants

  • Governance is light. Work is directed by partially self-governing collaborative teams.

  • Structure is light. Teams dissolve when the work is done.

  • Leadership is present at the table, meaning action which has impact can be taken.

A group of women at a business meeting


Our constellations or working tables:

  • Are self-directed, but relate their work to a Magnetic Attractor.

  • May establish a Stewardship Group to enhance oversight or balance power.

  • Are dynamic, emerge, do their work, and then dissolve.

  • Are ‘action’ focused, as opposed to ‘talk’ focused.



  • School Food

  • Food Banks

  • Education & Awareness

  • Community Garden Network

  • Local/ Municipal Food Networks


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